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The wide selection of products manufactured by Print Geek are not only of the highest quality but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.


We've picked the best products and paired them with cutting-edge print production technologies to ensure the best quality. Combine that with our highly qualified team, and you get the best products possible.

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We've tried it all, and in doing so, we've decided on the best t-shirts and apparel products that will achieve the best print results around. Whether it's Bella+Canvas, Gildan, Lane Seven, L.A.T, or AC Colour, our shirts and final print results are sure to wow you and your customers.

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Our posters are printed with premium paper that you can feel. If the paper quality doesn't catch your attention, then our colours will. Just wait till you see the images pop off the page, bursting with colour.



You loved them as kids, and let's be honest, you still love them. Stickers are a great way to express yourself and the things you love. Whether it be your laptop, tablet, drink bottles, lockers or, walls, Print Geek's got you covered, literally. We use premium vinyl that not only lasts wear and tear but can also go outside.



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The image should tell it all. Fully wrapped images, polycarbonate protection, scratch-proof shell, and the option to go with the shockproof liner, or to stick with the classic snap option.


Mugs are a classic gift that just keeps giving. Enjoy that favourite saying or design each morning when you have your coffee or in the afternoons with your warm tea. Our mugs are food safe tested and last the test of time through tons of dishwasher cycles.




We're here, and we'll do our best!